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A One-Eyed goat is born in India and is already been worshipped

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India land of more than 200 Languages and Gods has just witnessed one of the weirdest incidents.

This when a baby goat was born with one big eye in the center of its head, a look alike  the Cyclops mythical character that used to shown in legends movies

The one eyed baby goat has been sacred after seconds of his birth on 10 of May and all villagers from Assam the village where he is born are now worshipping it and take it as a blessing

The goat which is born blind and with one ear was expected to die within small hours from its birth but it defied the expectations as it has lived till now

This condition is called Cyclopia and it happened when the 2 eyes of the embryo haven’t bee separated during pregnancy due to what the mother ate during pregnancy or due to genetic defects

The owner of the goat said that he is so happy with the goat and that he consider it a blessing to him with the so many visits come to his farm to see the goat and worship him

Cyclopia is also found in Pigs, Horses, Cats and Even sharks


What do you expect if a baby human being is born with this case?

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