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Weird dead Creature appeared on the coasts of Indonesia

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A weird and huge sea creature has been found dead this week on the shores of Searm Island Indonesia turning the red water and make an unbearable smell

This week in an Indonesian Island located in the Pacific Ocean showed a weird and disgusting phenomenon when a large sea creature found dead by local resident Asrul Tuanakota

The reports came from Jakarta globe now agency confirmed that the creature found by the 37 year old resident is about 15 m long which made the locals thought it is a large squid or a large sperm whale

A group of marine scientists went to the place to examine the creature to take some samples while locals asked the military command on the island to remove the creature as fast as they could as not to pollute the area as it start to make unpleasant smell which show that it is dead for more that 3 days ago

The marine group said that it is unlikely to be large squid as there has been no show of squids with that big on an Indonesian shore before


An affiliated Singapore natural museum scientist who came along to examine that creature said that the creature appear to be likely a baleen whale who got lost from his group and got hit by a large ship

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