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Emirates plan to get 2 Icebergs from Antarctica to get cold Air


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United Arab Emirates National Advisor Bureau Limited announced on May 1 that they are planning for a great project that will affect the atmosphere of the Arab region

As announced the plan is to pull 2 Icebergs from Antarctica to Fujairah coast in a 1 year operation

The 2 Icebergs would be a source for fresh water and cold air which will causes a major climate change in "AlRuba'a Alkhaly" and it will soon be changed to "AlRuba'a Alamer"

It is expected that soon after the process occurs all the desserts will be changed to green gardens and the place will attract a lot of tourists

It is known that the southern continent contains most of Earth's fresh water.

An iceberg contains around 20 billion gallons of fresh water.

It looks like that the small country take fresh water supplies as major issue for the future as there is another project believed with Pakistan to build pipelines under the Gulf to connect some of the flows from Pakistan’s rivers to the UAE to bring life back to the desert.

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