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The Consequences of Kylie Jenner's Met Gala selfie


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Kylie Jenner have broken a major rule in the Met Gala ceremony that have taken action after the selfie she has taken

As you may not know that Met gala is the night where all the fashion industry gurus are gathered to show their creativity

One of the main regulations in the show that selfies was banned from the show 2 years ago

It was banned also from a lot of International ceremonies as it is said that it causes things to slow down

However as always Kylie Jenner the rising star from the Kardashians broke the regulation after she took a selfie in a bathroom mirror

The selfie spread all over the internet as it become a trend in no time as it contains a lot of celebrities whom were gathered at that moment in the well-known event

She named it 'The annual bathroom selfie"


Would the Hosts of Met Gala would take action against 18 Year old Celebrity or would them let it go as the selfie caused a lot of reputation for the Festival

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