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Do you hear about Cash Me Outside girl? So who is she?


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Her name is Danielle Bregoli a 14 year old teenager whom was first known after showed with Dr Phil

She took that name as she was shouting at audience who were laughing at her during the controversial episodes as all Dr.Phil's episodes, she was shouting at them "Catch me outside"

But due to her South American accent they heard it Cash Me Outside

Daniel Bregoili stopped going to school from the seventh grade and earn her living from being an influencer on Instagram and also show on some video clips

Bregoili earns about 32,000 each month from her public appearance which made her a social media celebrity

Lately she appeared in a music video dancing on a a Rolls-Royce and had an Instagram account of 7.4 m follower

She earn about 40,000 $ per post on the Social network which made some expect that she will be millionaire by the end of 2017


Now we think that Danielle would be grateful for whom laughed at her during the episode because despite them she would not be that famous figure

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