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What you should know before watching ‘13 Reasons Why'

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The highly rated series has just began on Netflix and have caused a lot of controversy as it was rumored that some schools around the world banned it and warned parents to ban their children from watching it

The series talks about the reasons that causes teenagers to commit a suicide at a young age

Our Editorial team watched the published episodes and had analyzed it and have got some points that will made it much easier for teenager to adapt and receive the series thoughts

These points are: 

1. Your Children must know that life is harder than it is thought and you will face challenges you probably can't face , the really change is how you can stand up after each failure?

2. Your biggest enemy is depression that will control you and make you see all thing in negative, you have to be aware of that and try to deal with it wisely

3. There is nothing wrong in demanding Help as it will be a good opportunity to know your true friends and who are not

4. You worth a lot , for your family , for your friends , People in general cannot express their feelings in public because it is not normal though you are important to them even if you cannot feel that

5-Every adult that had shamed you or caused for your depression might be just having the best times right now and express his anger wrongly, be the good guy and assume always the good deed

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