Are Kardashian-Kanye Legacy is finally over


Rumors arouse these days that the famous Music Singer and Composer Kanye West and His beautiful and famous Social media influencer and Model Kim Kardashian are on the verge of divorce

Kanye and Kim has been married for three years, the marriage that has resulted 2 children a boy and a girl

Reports say the couple hasn’t seen each other for three months now as Kanye is getting ready to make his new album and Kim is with her children practicing her normal life

Also what make the reports more reliable Kanye absence to accompany Kim in the met Gala show, a tradition he used to make with her during the past years of their marriage?

It is said that Kim has started to visit her lawyer in case of divorce took place while Kanye will be no longer on the Kardashian show


Are you gone feel sad if their marriage fell apart?

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