Kylie Jenner Scar between Photoshop and Reality


On 28 April the Kardashian girl posed in a usual pic for her instagram account revealing herseil while a big scar on her A** appeared with no doubt

The Highly rated influencer fans was shocked due to the size of scar that for the first time it was noticed and some accusations started to appear accusing her of photos hoping the scar as to make a story around her

The scar was there in a lot of past pics for Kylie but for the first time they had realized how big it is

The clamor all started on Wednesday when fans accused the star of using editing program to exaggerate the difference between her hips and her waist in an Instagram snap.

Kylie later explained where the scar came from

"When I was about 5 my sister [Kendall] and I were playing hide and seek and I hid inside this really tall, enclosed gate," Kylie explained. "After a while when my sister didn't find me I had to climb up on this sharp pole sticking out from the gate. I slipped and the pole went into my leg. I tried pulling away to get the pole out but it just tore through my whole leg. It's smaller now though because I grew!"



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