Kelly Rohbach is the new victim for hackers claims denied by the Baywatch star

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The Baywatch star has fallen as a new victim for online hackers after leaked private pics has been available online

Kelly pics that has been available show her in her Baywatch famous suit while others show her in underwear panties

Kelly is well known for her role as CJ Parker in Baywatch role in Baywatch movie the role that was previously played by the stunning blonde Pamela Anderson

This News was a cold shower for the rising 27 Year old star that was expecting news about her new movie in cinema before having to deal with that crime

The previous model is well known for her outstanding curves besides dating Hollywood golden boy Leonardo di Caprio

All these claims has been denied by the star as her agent appeared to deny all that rumors

Some gossip has been aroused that all this talk is just planned from her agent as a promoting tactic for her new movie that has just been released


Leaks has been out from about 2 years and several first class actresses has fallen too like Jenifer Lawrence and Kate Upton

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