Yes Sheldon Cooper is finally married to his life love


In a beautiful and simple ceremony Big Bang Theory star Jim parsons married his love life love Todd Spiewak

Jim is known for starring in the well-known series Big bang theory where he acts as Dr Sheldon cooper the arrogant and weirdo geek that he laughs us a lot through making weird and unusual things

Jim have been with Todd for 14 years now even before he started the show that brought fame to him

Jim married Todd as well as the show where Season 10 show that he proposes finally to his girlfriend on the show Amy Farrah Fowler that is played by Miyam Bialik

Jim came out in 2012 where he announced that he knew a guy (Todd) for 9 years then where it was an announcement for his sexual tendencies as it wasn’t for women


We are so happy for the couple wishing them a happy and fruitful life

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