10 Things You Didn't Know About Michelle Obama


The America's ex-president barrack Obama and we thought why not make one for the lady behind him after all behind every successful man there is a woman because ALEX was dedicated to becoming the world's best resource on most influential people we are working on an entire series to inspire us to become better this time we are taking a look at 15 things you didn't know about Michelle Obama she was born Michelle Lavon Robinson in 1964 in Chicago she was raised in a one-bedroom apartment with her older brother Craig she was a bright student from the start and by the time she was in grade 6 she was taking French classes and her school's gifted student program she attended Princeton University and later went on to get a degree in Law from Harvard Michelle met Obama at the law firm she was working in and the two got married in 1992.

She was the 44th first lady of the united states and before that she was a corporate lawyer Chicago city administrator and community outreach worker now that we have covered the basics let us move to the more juicy details.


1- She works out like a pro: during the time the Obama occupied the White House Michelle was constantly noted for two things her style and the importance she gives to fitness and health her vegetable garden behind the White House had become a thing of legend believe it or not you have a strict regime she works out for 90 minutes three times a week she practices what she preaches when she encourages healthy eating and fitness according to her friend she works out like a gladiator she wakes up as early as 4:30 AM to run on a treadmill lift weights and do kickboxing and other activities.


2- She was Barack Obama's Boss: Michelle was Barack senior Harvard where she graduated from she was assigned as Barack's mentor when he came to her Chicago law firm for a summer job initially she tried to set her future husband up with her friends because she didn't want to date a co-worker but we all know how that worked out speaking of meeting your spouse at work


3- One of the three first lady's to have a degree: Michelle went to Harvard and got a degree in law she is one of the three first ladies to have a postgraduate degree the other two are Hillary Clinton and Laura Bush. She also worked in Chicago's mayor office and was a corporate lawyer she gave up her six-figure salary to help her husband during his presidential campaign number.


4- She is addicted to Sudoku: Nothing relaxes Michelle more than playing Sudoku she tries her hand at it whenever she gets time do you notice somebody once said there are two types of people in this world crosswords and Sudoku how many of you agree with that and what kind of a person are you we would love to know


5- Michelle is friends with all the A-Listers: we might have exaggerated a little she is not friends with all of the celebrities but she is friends with quite a few including Jennifer Aniston George Clooney Halle berry Sharon stone operah winfrey scarlett Johansson well smith and hulk Hogan which celebrity would you want to be friends with while you were thinking about that you might want to


6- She wore a $12000 Versace gown for the final state dinner: Michelle has been in the news for her sense of fashion and her expensive dresses she has been on the cover of vogue magazine three times and is the only first lady to achieve that social media has been debating about how expensive her wardrobe is and how is paying for her dresses does she pay for them herself or is it coming out of taxes and probably the most talked about topic recently has been her dress at the final state dinner we have all seen the pictures in the news about her Versace gown but do you know that there the eight years Michelle's sense of fashion inspired millions of women she has become a fashion icon within 24 hours of the inaugural balls replicas of Mrs. Obama's dress were drawn up to be sold within weeks


7- Michelle's net worth is estimated to be $11.8 Million: that is impressive for a woman who started from very humble beginnings she grew up with her older brother and parents in a one-bedroom apartment and she shared the living room with her brother which were separated by a room divider and now she has made 11.8 million dollars for herself and still counting


8- Annual earnings of the couple is around $12 Million: Michelle and Obama together have assets worth more than 12 million dollars this was their annual earnings for the year 2011 approximately 320.000 is the annual salary Michelle receives from the university of Chicago hospitals and the rest is made up of their combined assets including Michelle fancy cars she owns the Chrysler 300c and a 2005 ford escape hybrid that she drives number


9- Most expensive gift given to her was by queen of Brunei: The queen Abreu nice gift to Michelle Obama in 2013 tops the list as the most expensive gift received the queen gave her flower shaped white gold earrings a ring and a necklace with diamonds and yellow sapphires that is valued at a whopping 701468$ what is the most expensive gift you have ever received or if you bought someone inexpensive present how much was it worth


10- Michelle asked Obama to quit smoking: The story goes that Michelle had asked Obama to quit smoking if he stood up for president she wanted him to get rid of his having and he struggled to give it up until 2010 when was reported that he had finally quit

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