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The 10 Worst Movies of All Time


Batman and The Avengers are included

After reviewing more than 100 films whom are nominated as the worst movies produced ever from Hollywood, we have got a list of the worst 1o movies ever that included some great actors like AL Pacino, Adam Sandler and Ralph Fiennes


10 - United Passions

No more than a promotional movie produced by the FIFA on 2014 as claims has been aroused at that era by corruption that surrounded big names in the international federation so they produced that movie to tell the story of how the FIFA was founded


9- Batman & Robin

Considered by many the worst Superhero of all time , despite had a lot of big names in the cast the movie came so cheap and empty of anything new , it presented all the characters in a cartoonish shape , thing that made the producers later work on a much strong production which was Christopher Nolan’s sequel



8 - Jack and Jill

Adam Sandler suffered since click from a series of failures and Jack and Jill was considered the peak of them all, Despite the strange participance of AL Pacino in that movie, it came so shameful full of racist words which made the audience sick of the movie and considered by many the worst movie for a comedy actor considered one of the best of all time


7 - Catwoman

Another super hero movie in the list, but this time a heroine, the movie that was produced 2004 was chosen the worst movie that year and Halle berry was chosen the worst actress, the movie was very bad


6 - Gigli

Another appearance for AL Pacino in the list who appeared in that movie that starred with Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck which was a disastrous movie in an attempt to use the romance between JLoe and Affleck at that time , the movie cost 54 Million $ and got 6 Million $ in one of the biggest flops of all time



5 - The Room

Simply That was supposedly be named Disaster movie, the film that was written, Produced, directed and even acted by Tommy Wiseau was simply a shitty movie in spite of the story that might be had some potential but the way Tommy Wiseau dealt during making the movie, that it will be immortalized through a movie that will be presented by James Franco on 2017


4 - Battlefield Earth

The only Sci-Fi movie in the list that starred with a very popular actor whom is John Travolta, Travolta whom believed in Scientology religion tried to present his beliefs through this movie which led to a disaster


3 - The Avengers

A film starring with Ralph Fiennes, Uma Thurman and Sir Sean Connery was expected to be a masterpiece but the movie came so dull with a very expected story and plot and was heavily bad criticized from audience and critics



2 - Striptease

A very bad era for Demi Moore during the nineties between its movies 1992 and 1996, after booming by its movie disclosure with Michael Douglas, she was trapped in seduction roles, some made some success like indecent proposal but was a very big blow like Striptease, the film was described as comedy drama which is a very misleading to a boring movie with a very much vanity can be seen from Demi's performance through the movie


1 - Exorcist II: The Heretic


Following the success of The Exorcist Movie, it's director William Friedkin decided to build upon and create a sequel upon which led to that disaster, The first part is considered by a lot of people the best Horror movie of all time and by others the best movie of all time that put it in the same category like godfather and Lord of the rings but the second part came depressing for a lot of The Exorcist lovers as it was a very silly movie with nor real horror or story   

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