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Wearing Duct Tape is the new trendy fashion


Fashion is always surprising and new especially when it introduces to us some of the insane invention fashion designers came up with.

Last month we heard about new jeans that reveal the butt for women that made us wonder what's next after that.

And it took no longer than one month to introduce to us the next trend that made us more and more amazed after the new trend on Instagram was revealed

The new trend is to wear nothing but Duct tape that is just was put down on the modesty parts feminine part in an artistic shape

The trend called Black Tape project that came up with the new fashion design as their models get noticed and promote for itself

The trend has attracted the interest of 200,000 Follower on Instagram that thought to be following the nudity revealed in the pictures more than being interested in the fashion design

Joel Alvarez is the artist who came up with the idea that is trending all over the Instagram as your read these lines


And now in the end after you have seen the pics of the new fashion trend would you try it and have the courage to go out with? Share your thoughts with us

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