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After shifting career towards Adult Industry she make another change


Have your heard about Paige Jennings the Wall street employees that had left her job earlier to be an adult industry performer , It seems that she was not convince by the career change so she decided to make another turnover

If you searched Adult industry websites you will find some videos for Paige who has not lasted so long for the industry as she found it boring with a lot of rules that make you don't enjoy what you are doing as she was expecting a livelier job, she was known as Veronica Vain

Paige shifted after she found out that she couldn’t hold herself at work from masturbating and she kept taking phots of herself at work while masturbating at Wall Street public toilets

Paige decide to become a you tube star through making E-sports videos , she also defines herself as a programmer as she made a patereon gaming page named 'Red Head redemption' which she kept updating it regularly

Now Paige have made it's third in a short matter of time which make us think , will it be her last choice or she will make another career shift soon.


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