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A breakthrough for the LGBT community as 2 has been chosen prom King and Queen


It is rough that the community are taking same sex relationship these days with much open arms that it was in the past but it has never been before that 2 same sex have been named King and queen for school prom

Brie Grimes a 17 year old girl from Tallahassee, Florida has been chose along her girlfriend Lindsey Creel as King and queen for the school prom to make a breakthrough for all the gay community especially the feminine one

Brie said to a local newspaper that she knew Lindsey from short time and in a matter of no time shw was considered her no 1 person she care for and that she did not expect to win the prize at all

Lindsey in return commented that she loved Brie from first sight , at first she was afraid of the surrounding community how would react with her but after talking with brie and letting out my feelings I had the courage to come out and announce our love

They added the LGBTQ community in our school helped and supported us a lot, they believed that it is easier for females to come out than males which was much an assist for them

LGBTQ community in Brie and Lindsey school has been since 2001 helping gay couples and persons to come out and express them selves


And in the end we have nothing to share except saying congratulations for the couple

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