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WannaCry hack your computer and lock your file for ransom

A new huge attack is hitting computers these days through a big decryptor ransomware that attack your personal computer and lock your files for a certain ransom you must pay to unlock your files or it will be gone forever

The new ransomware take a lot of names like WannaCry, Wana Decrypt0r, WannaCryptor or WCRY

The Ransom asked to be paid to unlock your files is about 300$ or your computer will remain useless and unusable

On the other hand, a bid ransomware email campaign is spreading with the rate of 5 million email per hour.

It’s considered a catastrophe for big companies systems as once the ransomware hit a computer in a company or organization it spread worm wise

The ransomware has just hit over 45,000 in big countries like India, United States, Russia, Philippines, Italy and Vietnam and the number is growing as you read these lines

85% of Computers has been shut down in Spain major telephone company Telefonica and about 16 hospital in the UK have been infected and the patients files has been locked down


Try to keep your computer safe by not opening any unidentified sent mail you your unbox and try to be suspicious as much as you can to keep your computer ad file safe from hackers hands


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