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How to get free stuff using Twitter?


A very intelligent Guy makes outstanding Tweets to Get Free Stuff from Brands which was shocked from Aston Martin response for one of his

Do you ever dreamt to have a free Aston Martin? Yes indeed. But unfortunately you will continue, AS you can see that guy tried his best to convince the social media team of Aston Martin should give him a free car as a prize but all his efforts was in vain, after he tried to make a buzz on twitter using his nice tweets on James bond new brand mobile.

It all started when British Artist Hector Janse van Rensburg tweeted a photo of himself hanging out taking a bath while a bottle of Radox bath gel in the background. Accompanied by a tweet that was written “Despite the alluring exploration of the male form combined with a strong brand placement this is not a sponsored tweet,” he wrote.


What was surprising, Radox sent him a direct message telling him how much they liked his tweet and how they’d like to send him a free pack of Radox goodies. Realizing he was onto something, Hector decided to tweet another picture, this time of himself in the bath with a drawing of an Aston Martin. And guess what? They sent him a free car! Albeit a rather smaller one than he was hoping for. Still, not a bad haul from a couple of tweets, right?

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