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Instagram Cloudy Eggs is going trendy all over

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Eating regular boiled eggs or even Omelet seem to be old fashioned these days as a new style has been aroused on the social networks

Cloudy eggs is the new trend that is spreading all over the photo app as well as all the new trends that is spreading like fire nowadays

The new style eggs may be take a little more work than the regular eggs but it worth it for the like it get when it is made , served and most important taken a pic to be posted in Instagram or any photos app

It is made through separating yolk from white which is whipped heavily then baked while yolk on top and then served which is considered healthy and delicious meal to start your day with

This meal contains about 70-80 Calorie by egg which can be more a little bit if you add some parmesan cheese or what so ever

Although the breakfast meal trending ,some see it as nothing more than a new fashion that soon to be gone as a lot has commented that they used to have cloudy eggs as children and they see nothing new about it

After seeing how to make cloudy eggs, are you gone try it at home?

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