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The best 5 Countries to Start A New Life



1- The Bahamas: is among a few countries which has no income tax compared to other Caribbean Islands the bahamas is relatively the least expensive in living cost the downside of this country is the medical infrastructure so you need to take that into consideration number 


2- Singapore: If you are looking for a stable life among orderly people Singapore is the answer Singapore is alswo known as the fine city due to it's unique regulations


3- Hong Kong: this place is one of the most popular food and entertainment centers in Asia even though is not a tax free land like the Bahamas, Hong Kong is still one of the world's most favorable systems with a bunch of investmenet opportunites


4- Mexico: what are the reasons to start a new life in Mexico it's warm beautiful weather and it's low coasts are just part of it the people in Mexico are friendly put aside those cartel presumptions already to start a new life here means you are looking for a more adventurous life that is felxible wihout going too far from the US boarder 


5- UAE: United Arab Emirates or UAE is popular not just among middle east countries people from around the world decided to start a new life in UAE especially Dubai for its high quality of living and frincly tax policies, polotical and economic situations are relatively stable of course the high quality standard of living comes with a price renting an average studio apartmenet in a good area

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