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The favorite Intercourse position according to Horoscopes



A lot of people believe in Zodiac signs and believe that they are destined to some actions according to your Horoscope

This include relationship status also either through who you will have as a friend or whom you will love or the favorite sex position according to your zodiac sign and that what we will show in the next paragraphs


1. Capricorn:

Bondage positions is their favorite as they love to be controlled and they like it rough ;)

2. Aquarius:

Surprise me whenever you can is their slogan, they get bored very quickly so whatever position with a new approach will drive them crazy

3. Pisces:

Intimacy is the headline for Pisces who liked to feel loved and contained

4. Aries:

They like it quickly and dirty as much as you can, Doggy style or the favorite position for an Aries lover

5. Taurus:

On the Contrary of Aries, Taurus like it to take it slowly as much as they can they like the details and intimacy of a romantic dinner before the night

6. Gemini:

All what relates to dirty that comes to your mind is related to dirty, they accept Threes some relations and like to talk to them dirty in public

7. Cancer:

As cancer always do they love to give more than they take, their favorite position is 69

8. Leo:

Do it as he/she want , go with their desires , if they want to be controlled then control if they want to control , then let them control , don't enter an argument with a Leo or you will bear the consequences alone

9. Virgo:

Anything but not let them to stand up during Sex , they hate it when they stand , they like to relax and take the missionary position as their best

10. Libra:

Always like to be praised for their beauty and style, like to be intimated in controller position, Cow girl is just the right choice

11. Scorpio:

They never get tired from sex when we mention Scorpio in that issue, they always need more and more and everything works with them as long you fulfill their desire

12. Sagittarius:


They play it alone, they prefer masturbation to be a slave for their desire or that causes them embarrassing in front of others

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