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The new trend on Instagram, Travel and let your butt take a selfie



Belfie is the name of the new trend who is going on fire in Instagram, as people keep taking photos with their exposed lower back in different natural locations and post it as the new trend

An Instagram account called CheekyExploits with more than 143,000 followers is keeping posting the pics of that belfies.

A criticizing opinions started to rise after the belfies started to go around

UK-based travel writer Julia Buckley wrote in the independent

“How dare someone come to my home and think it’s appropriate to flash their arse on the main street?”

“If it was an old man in a mac, he’d be arrested. But because they’re young, cellulite-free and a dab hand with Instagram filters, it’s OK.

“But it’s not OK. It’s not just desecration; it’s rude.”

Supporters for the trend are here too saying their opinion regarding the issue

“I’m proud of my butt,” they say “I don’t care if my mom sees the photo.” But it’s not about your 'mom', is it?


And we give the question to you what is your opinion do you support or not?

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