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The 10 Most Handsome Footballers from around the world


Football is considered number 1 Sport that had followers from around the world, From China to US passing by Europe and Africa. Naturally Football players are the most important asset in the football industry and are followed by women as well as men.


In the following article we will highlight the most handsome footballers according to a sample of Girls interested in that sport

Spain came first in the list with 4 players then Brazil with 2 Players and 1 player for each of Italy, Portuguese, Germany and Argentine

10 – Musacchio

A product of Club Atlético River Plate's youth system, Musacchio was born in Rosario, Santa Fe, and he made his first-team debut as a 16-year-old during the 2006–07 season,In August 2009, Musacchio moved to Villarreal CF in Spain.Musacchio's paternal grandparents were of Albanian origin, the surname Musacchio originated from the Muzaka region in south-central Albania, and was widely used in the Albanian community in Italy.

9- Götze

In spite of his late health problems due to his metabolic disorder a muscular disorder which affects the fibers in the muscles, meaning they don't function correctly. Götze is considered one of the most handsome players in Europe and German football with childish Face features the 25 year old player is considered the favorite boy for a lot of female football followers

8- Verrati

The most beautiful man in Paris, the Paris saint Germaine midfielder is rumored to be a Transgender girl a rumor that was believed due to his face features that is girlish more that boyish, a claim that was denied later by him as it was no more than April’s fool, The 23 Year old is believed to be the Next Andrea Pirlo for the Italy National team

  7- Pique

The husband of Colombian pop star Shakira is becoming more fashionable and good-looking with age. In 2013, he was registered in 7th spot in top 10 Handsome Soccer Players 2017. Gerard Pique has a son named Milan Pique. This defender plays for FC Barcelona and the Spanish national team. This attractive man has a child named Milan Pique by Colombian singer Shakira.

6- Ramos

Sergio Ramos represents Real Madrid Football club and the Spain national team. He is Captain of Real Madrid FC, a duty he takes great pride in. Sergio Ramos is a hard man and his physical attributes clearly stand out. He his six-pack is threatening to become an eight-pack and his tattooed arms are so full you can hang from them. This blonde madrista surely drives the ladies crazy.

5- Pato

The Brazilian Duck is considered one of the most wasted talents in the last 20 years as he was expected to fill the place of Brazilian legends like Ronaldo and Romario but due to injuries his career took an unexpected turn made his after playing for Milan and Chelsea struggling to play in the Chinese league

4- Isco

There is a Spanish attacking midfielder who is famed among girls for his attractiveness and elegance of play.  In the year of 2012, he was presented with the Golden Boy award. With this success, Real Madrid took attention on him and signed him for 30 million Euros in 2013. Being a midfielder for Malaga, Isco recorded 14 goals after playing 69 games.


Kaka is one of the superlative football players who registered their names in winning gigantic trophies is in third place of Handsome Soccer Players 2016. Kaka family is involved with Kaka himself, his wife and two children a Luca Celico Leite son and Isabella daughter.

2- Torres

Born on March 20, 1984, It is nicknamed El Niño, that means child He began his career at Atlético Madrid, joined the Liverpool club in 2007, after he paid a record amount for transfer.Football was the sport that has passionate Fernando Torres since childhood. He is a splendid player and a very attractive man.

1-  Christiano

This guy needs no introduction at all. Cristiano Ronaldo tops the list of Sexiest Soccer Players of 2016. He is blessed with great height and an awesome physique and to top it all his abs are a sight to behold. He is a dedicated individual and his good looking body can be attributed to constant gym work and practice. One of the most attractive footballers of all time, CR7 top every ranking of best looking soccer players.



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