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5 Things you didn't know about Rolls-Royce


We are taking a look at the most luxurious car brand out there everybody agrees that Rolls-Royce is the pinnacle of class when it comes to the automobile industry so maybe you knew that Rolls-Royce used to absolutely dominate the world speed record books or that they still make some of the world's best jet engines in 1973 Rolls-Royce split up with the Rolls-Royce cars splitting off and the airplane engine and military contract remaining on its own given the intense history during which they shared a common path we will look at this as a whole in this video we'll be sharing a few things you might not know about Rolls-Royce let's get started.


1- The Iconic hood ornament is called "the spirit of ecstasy" and the result of an illicit affair it's modeled after a woman named Eleanor Thornton she had a decade long open secret affair with a man at the front of early car culture her lover was a man of great wealth and wanted to pay tribute to his muse so he commissioned a sculptor to put Eleanor on the front of the car in some of the earlier models she has a finger to her lips as a nod to their secret love.


2- The spirit of Ecstasy alone is worth +40 Million dollars: In 2002 BMW finalized the acquisition of the Rolls-Royce brand from Volkswagen the company ended up paying 40 million dollars just for the rights to the iconic hood ornament these days you can have it personalized and made out of gold or illuminated crystal just as a security feature the miniature statue can be lowered into the hood


3- Charles Stewart rolls was the first man to fly across the English Channel and back:
Charles Stewart rolls one half of the eponymous car maker was the first to fly across the English channel and back he was an avid aviator and flew his wright flyer over the channel and back in 95 minutes he also happens to be the first brit to die in a plane crash the tale of his flyer broke off and he fell to his death on July 12 1910


4- The "R" Airplane engine was the fastest thing on earth in the early 1930s it broke every record known to men when it came to speed it powered an S 6b submarine to over 400 miles per hour that's close to 650 kilometers per hour and did it in 1931 Sir Henry say grave set the water speed record in his boat hit a log in the process and died shortly after they told him he set the record a few months later they won the ultra-competitive Schneider trophy air race by a lot a supercharged our was dropped into blue bird and the car chopped 300 miles per hour or 482 km/h to put that into perspective the fastest production car in the world as of putting together this video is the Bugatti Charon which if you remove the digital imitator can go up to 288 miles per hour or 464 km/h at a LOX calm we rent the fastest cars in the world so before one of you says that the Hennessy venom gt can top that we recommend you to check out that article will link to it in the description.


5- Sir Henry Royce made the initial engineering sketches of that engine while on a beach he was walking down the beach with several of his engineers when an idea struck him he quickly made the sketches right on the sport and when they figured out how to make it not blow up he helped beat the Nazis the Merlin engine was designer to give the same performance but last longer it succeeded and became the heart and soul of the legendary spit fire fighter plane  

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